I learn. I develop.

I've decided to move all of my future technology-based articles to my developer-oriented blog, and I am shifting the focus of this blog to exclusively personal topics.

A new (maybe old) philosophy for personal computing, social media, and communication.

In today's episode of The Hamish and Brandon Show, we talk about monitors and workflow tools, and generally about being adults.

I've known my friend Hamish for many years, and we've had a common interest in technology and other such things. He was one of the first people to encourage me to get into programming in the first place, and he's been a mentor of sorts to me ever since.

I was listening to an interview of Peter Thiel, and he said something that caught my attention. The quote is, "If crypto is libertarian, then AI is communist." This little nugget of wisdom helped me piece together some stray thoughts I've had, between which I previously had not made any connections....