The Hamish and Brandon Show - Episode 1

The Hamish and Brandon Show podcast

In today's episode of The Hamish and Brandon Show, we talk about monitors and workflow tools, and generally about being adults.

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Show Notes

02:46 - Hamish got a new monitor

04:50 - Spectacle for Mac window management app

08:05 - DIVVY window management app

09:27 - xmonad tiling window manager

14:45 - iterm2 terminal emulator for Mac

15:06 - tmux terminal multiplexer

18:04 - software developers are just trying to one-up the programs they use

19:12 - there should be a limit to how many times you can get sick per season

20:46 - speaking loudly in video chats

23:14 - Brandon has a big baby and is looking for a bigger apartment

25:23 - apartment wish list

27:50 - comparing ourselves to our friends

30:18 - expensive apartment listings

34:08 - how much to spend on a house

36:21 - too many rental listings websites!

38:36 - buying a car

41:11 - paying cash vs financing

43:44 - how to scare your wife away

45:11 - Hamish's team's "on-site" in Lisbon

47:03 - pastéis de nata

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