I learn. I develop.

A new (maybe old) philosophy for personal computing, social media, and communication.

The problem with having a multi-purpose, do-everything computer is that, just like the clutter on my desk, things in my computer start to accumulate. I use my laptop for work, for personal projects, for entertainment, for paperwork, and everything in between. Programs I've experimented with, temporary files, unnecessary configuration files, abandoned project folders, old photos... If there were a computer virus lurking on my hard drive, and actively wreaking havoc every time I connected to the internet, I might not even know about it. My virtual space gets just as cluttered as my physical space. My OCD tendencies may despair at my desk, but at least there is hope for my desktop.

I decided to create a time-lapse screen recorder as a side project. Mostly for fun, but also to see how I spend my work days.

This writeup was inspired by Richard Stallman's page about his personal computing