I learn. I develop.

I had heard about Clojure for a while, but didn't pay too much attention to it. It wasn't until I watched an intro video by @mpjme that I gave it serious consideration. That was in late 2015, and I have been playing with it on and off ever since.

A couple days ago, I discovered that my experiments with IPFS has racked up our home internet's data usage, and that we were approaching our plan's limit. Since then - and over the coming week from now - we have been limiting our internet usage. I've been downloading interesting videos from YouTube...

For the last year or so, I have been using GitLab to store and manage my code. There were several reasons for choosing it.

Why I'm Creating a Blog

As part of my plan to increase my exposure in the professional development community, I have commited to start and maintain a blog. If you are now reading this, then I have succeeded in at least half of that particular goal.

I am a self-taught programmer, and I have been...

This writeup was inspired by Richard Stallman's page about his personal computing