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A couple days ago, I discovered that my experiments with IPFS has racked up our home internet's data usage, and that we were approaching our plan's limit. Since then - and over the coming week from now - we have been limiting our internet usage. I've been downloading interesting videos from YouTube at work, and bringing them home to watch (and I've blocked the YouTube domain in my hosts file). Without video watching, and with an otherwise normal internet usage rate (less than 2GB total per day), we should end our billing cycle under the limit.

It's annoying that the limit (150 GB) exists at all, despite rarely approaching it in past months. I previously looked into switching to an independent (resale) provider solution, which often offer service without a download cap, and for cheaper than I'm paying now, but hesitated due to high installation or router fees. Now that I am working from home more often, and doing more experiments in internet-heavy applications (such as IPFS and blockchain technologies (ethereum, etc)), perhaps I should reconsider.

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